TALK to your baby often.   As  you converse, your child is learning valuable language skills.  Get eye level and engage.  Even very young babies respond to a soothing voice.  As your baby gets older and begins to babble and coo, they will be delighted if you join in and mimic their sounds.   Now you’re talking!

 Hours of conversation with your baby will pay big rewards as you watch them go from babbling, to one word, to putting a few words together, to speaking in sentences and then WHOLE paragraphs!  Some days, when most of the conversation on their end begins and ends with “NO”….you may be sorry that they  learned to speak.  However, it won’t always be “NO” –  they will say the greatest things if you just pay attention and  give them time and space to formulate all the amazing ideas that are going on in their developing brains.   Conversation – a wonderful way to bond and let your child know how important they are.

I was getting coffee at my usual spot  the other morning  when I spied a woman with a young girl who appeared to be about ten. What a nice idea, I thought.  A day off from school – a chance for adult and child to spend time at the donut shop together.  In reality the adult was looking at her cell phone and the young girl was quietly eating her donut.  Both sat in silence – not looking at one another – I felt sad for  them.  What a missed opportunity for some quality time.  SO put down your cell phones, turn off your computers and TV and engage in some old-fashioned face to face conversation.  Your child is never to young or old to benefit!

3 thoughts on “LET’S TALK!

  1. Very true! Cell phones have distinctly changed the way our society engages now and the scene you describe at the restaurant is all too common. It makes me sad. Great things to keep in mind when out with anyone… not just children!


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