ELECTIONS 2016-Some advice from six year olds


OH my!  My head is spinning from too many debates, too much coverage of politics in the media -it’s so ugly –  yet I can’t seem to look away.  Probably because I keep thinking some of it is just a joke – bad reality TV.  I keep thinking one of the candidates will call a press conference and say:

“I’m not running for POTUS for real folks!  It’s all in fun. So look….some of you have been great – some not so much – but that’s OK .  I’ve shown you how much everyone loves me – and many many many do…millions and millions – so many in fact that I know I would make it if I went all the way -OK?  But now that you know the truth – how great I am – how great my companies  are – the steaks, the magazine, the water, the wine – well you all know –   I can go on with my real life and leave the rest to Little Marco and Lyin Ted.”

But in the meantime, since some of the candidates seem to struggle with getting along with others, I will share the rules that first-grade students crafted.  They were great at understanding what they needed to be successful in their classroom environment and were always so willing to help others learn how to get along and be a friend.


  1. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  2. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  3. BE a good listener.
  4. Share
  5. Take turns


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