IF ever there was a time to delight in some childhood wonder…’s now.



One year when I was teaching first-grade, we were enjoying some great holiday books featuring Santa and the kids were all aglow with discussions of Santa.  One little girl yelled out, “There’s no such thing as Santa. My parents told me.”

ALL the chatter stopped and every six-year-old head turned my way with looks of horror.

“Is that true Mrs. Marsella? ”  They stared, they waited.  My brain spun very quickly looking for a way through this loaded question. They stared, they waited…you could have heard a pin drop.

“Well, everyone is different, some may not believe, but I believe that Santa is in all of us when we are kind and giving and generous. I love to believe in Santa!”

There was an audible happy sigh throughout the classroom. They heard what they wanted…. Santa is real.  And they immediately returned to their happy Santa chatter.

AS for the little one who let the cat out of the bag – I pulled her aside and told her that it was nice to let kids believe if their parents hadn’t told them yet – and she was a kind and precocious first grader who understood and was happy to comply.

AND in many ways I really do believe in Santa, and always will.  It’s the hope, generosity and love of others that live in all of us.

Peace and love to you and yours during this holiday season.