Keeping Children Safe


WE are all mourning the loss of innocent children who woke up on Valentine’s Day, thinking it was just another normal day.  WE are all angry and frustrated and looking for answers.  WE can’t imagine the pain these families are feeling.  We can only look on and seek answers so it won’t happen again and again and again.

Apparently our President thinks we can keep children safe by reporting people we think are mentally unstable.  You, Mr President, are mentally unstable if that is your answer to the horrific killings of innocent children in Florida.  This person’s mental state did not kill children.  A gun did – and while he allegedly fired this gun, if he had not had access to this weapon he could not have killed innocent children in this manner.  TO blame this act of violence on others not reporting the alleged shooter to the authorities is unconscionable. It sounds as if this young man was known to be troubled, yet there are those who felt it was fine for him to own a weapon.  WHY?

I worked in an educational setting for 18 years. I worked with first graders, and sadly, even at that young age there are children who have mental health issues.  There are families who struggle to find support and access to all that is needed to combat whatever it is that ails their child.  IT is not easy to find help for troubled children.  Our mental health system is failing them, and our educational system is failing them, and has been for a long time.    AND it’s not the fault of one person, or persons – it’s the fault of our Government not willing to work together to protect innocent victims from gun violence,  not valuing our youngest members and not providing the best early education programs, not supporting access to mental health programs and not supporting families in need.

Think about mental health of our children  as you pull money from education and medicare and Medicaid Mr President.  AND think about gun laws.  IF you are a parent reading this, don’t feel too comfortable that your child is OK….for others are not.  WE should all work for a better, safer world for all our children.  pexels-photo-326580.jpeg

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