Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 9.39.43 AMThe past few weeks in our country has raised the issue once again, of the effect social media can have on people.  Those who struggle with mental health issues are finding support to take hatred to the furthest extreme.  I don’t know what the answer to such hate is, but there is much we can do to protect ourselves, and our children from hatred spewed out on  social media…. keep kids off it.    It is an addiction that is having severe negative effects on the fabric of our society.   I can’t imagine the effect it is having on developing brains of children.

There are those who will argue that technology is here to stay so we need to learn to use it well.  And I agree,  so if you can’t/won’t teach your child how to use it – which in my mind means monitoring often and being allowed to be on all their social media sites with them – which to me would be pretty labor intensive – then don’t give them access.  OR you could argue that it could be used as a teaching tool to expose kids to differing viewpoints – but there is so much hate out there right now – are you ready and willing to teach young kids about that??  Wouldn’t it be nice if all social media came with a built-in mental health advisor??

But the bottom line – how much time is social media taking away from real-time interaction with those we love?  How much is being on a device interfering with forming strong secure attachment with your children – which in turn help to create emotionally healthy adults?  AS a parent/caregiver… much time are you NOT really tuned in to a child because you are texting, scrolling, etc.  Even as an adult I am put off when those I love are distracted from being present in what we are doing  – when suddenly a  person texting is more important than our real life engagement?…  AND I AM GROWN UP AND MATURE….(sometimes) – what is this doing to kids??

Think about it – tune in to real people in real-time – and tune out the hatred that is being spewed across social media.  We will all be better for it.

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2 thoughts on “SOCIAL MEDIA AND HATE

  1. It is like a runaway freight train. I was had a wedding and everyone was taking pictures and posting and tagging on Instagram during the ceremony
    and missing one of the most important time in their friends lives. Social media has become much more than just a distraction.


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