Simple Gifts

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I spent some time with my daughter and her family today.  When I first arrived at their home,  my five-year old Granddaughter gave me a quick hello and then disappeared into another room.  A few minutes later, she reappeared and handed me a paper folded in half.   It was a picture of the two of us – out for a walk.  She explained that I had my purple sweater wrapped around my waist.  We are both smiling – there is green grass and blue sky.   I thanked her and placed it in my purse so I wouldn’t forget it.  She was pleased.  It is now on my refrigerator;  a place of honor for what it represents.   It reminds me of the simple pleasures.     It reminds me of an innocence that gives freely and quietly.   No strings attached.  Simple, quiet, easy – yet in my mind – it speaks volumes.  Thank you Z.  I love you.

Spend some time with a kid if you can.  If you listen and pay attention they will always remind you of the important things in life.

Being Healthy in an Unhealthy World

IMG_3818 Seeking Health for Ourselves Helps our Children

I am just recovering from a nasty bout with a stomach bug.  Four days later, and 3 pounds lighter,   I am beginning to feel human again – warning…..this is NOT an easy way to shed excess pounds….which I am sure will return as soon as I am 100%.  Being this sick  reminded me about all the important things I should be doing to remain healthy.    In search of  my best self,  I have been reading The Healing Self,  by Deepak Chopra and Rudolph Tanzi.  The focus is the importance of mindbody on your health.

I think about our world as it is today, and feel it to be a very unhealthy place where our mind is constantly bombarded with negative images and messages.  The effect of this in addition to stresses that we face in our daily lives, can certainly lead to some very negative impacts on our bodies.  How we deal everyday will affect not only our own health, but our loved ones as well.  Children learn from the adults around them and they are affected by stress and negativity, just as adults are.  Home is the best place to teach children how to care for themselves – body and mind – together.

The amazing body of ours is super intelligent (according to Chopra way smarter than our brain) and will do its job if we treat it well – barring any genetic issues.  But our damn brains so often get in the way …I know mine does.  Last time I checked in with my Doc my BP was not good – and related directly to anxiety I was experiencing.  This was a wake up call to me to get in touch with my body – be aware – notice it, and slow down to breathe and release stress and anxiety, and make sure I do more of what brings me peace every day.     There is a lot of good and beauty in the world – this is not fake news.

I am always  on a journey for better health,   and  mindbody work done by healers such as Deepak Chopra make sense to me.  The healing benefits of some of the oldest practices, such as yoga and meditation in addition to Western medicine,  work to take care of the whole self.

When I was a teacher, taking time  out of our busy day to be still, take some deep breaths, stretch, and center ourselves helped us to be our best selves.    Taking a few minutes throughout the day to do these simple things could be the difference between leaving feeling refreshed, renewed and cared for…..or leaving frazzled, exhausted and spent.  Everyone benefited!

My wish is that when I leave this planet, it’s a healthier place for my children and Grandchildren and that perhaps I have taught them a little bit about what it takes to be the  best version of themselves.  I know that I learn much from them about life and am reminded about the importance of laughter, joy and unselfish love.  They are some of my best medicine!  Sing, dance and jump up and down for joy.  Your body will thank you.